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      The majority of the Chronicles of Elyria community knows Kairos aims to be an economic powerhouse on the Luna server (NA-East). But we cannot be only a merchant kingdom. A merchant cannot sell bread without the baker to make the bread, a farmer in the field to make wheat, a smith to forge weapons and tools, a miner to pull out the ores, trader to move those goods, and a sentry on the wall to keep watch. Balance.

      We have a place for everyone, led by a diverse community of PvP groups, die-hard crafters and PvE players. We aim to provide a safe haven that players of any creed and capability can join, so that together we can reach both individual and kingdom-level goals. Kairos is renowned for its friendly members and organizational skills. As a kingdom we'll aim to meet all challenges head-on. Any hostility towards us will be dealt with swiftly and relentlessly until reparations are made.

      "I bring quiet confidence to bear, with an ability to recognize the strengths of those within my kingdom, and that will set us apart from the others. Those joining Kairos will immediately be put in contact with like-minded individuals in order to further their goals within CoE, or will be encouraged to expand on their own unique goals with the weight of the kingdom behind them."
- King Thared Richfort